Socialism – TARP, Stimulus fraud

VOICE: The Glenn Beck program presents more truth behind America’s March to Socialism.

GLENN: I just look at the federal highway trust fund needs a bailout. From who? It’s the federal program. What do you mean? Aye yi yi. Well, here we go, the FBI is now bracing themselves for the next wave of financial fraud cases. This according to the director of the FBI. The agency is looking at 1300 security fraud cases, more than 580 corporate fraud cases and now they are preparing for massive fraud related to… TARP and stimulus money. Of course, in order to find the scams, we would have to find the money, and currently the FBI is, quote, working to track where the federal money from TARP and stimulus is going.

Hold on just a second. They’re working on trying to track it? Why don’t they just are we not printing checks? Are we sending people checks! Can’t we just everybody just send a check. Quote: With billions of dollars at stake from the purchase of troubled assets to improvement and infrastructure, healthcare, energy and education, even a small percentage of fraud would result in substantial taxpayer losses. This is why you keep it in private hands. The people can spend their money better than a giant government. But I just want to get the history straight on this one. Back in the Nineties both the Republicans and the Democrats got their grimy little hands all tangled up in the mortgage industry because they wanted to get more people into houses. Remember Barney Frank? “There is a housing crisis.” Uh huh, not the one we’re talking about now, that poor people couldn’t buy houses. That ended up obviously backfiring because the mortgage industry collapsed and people are defaulting all over the place. So the government swooped in, tells America that it has to pass this wonderful stimulus and TARP bill in order to fix the problem, a problem they themselves created.

So now because of the inevitable massive fraud that the FBI says is taking place, the FBI and other agencies have to devote millions and millions of dollars in resources to stop and solve a problem that stemmed from the solution to a problem that the government created. No, seriously, I’m feeling great about the biggest expansion of government in modern history. All of our problems are going to be solved well, not well, those problems are going to be solved and then there’s going to create other problems but then they are going to swoop in and solve those until there’s some sort of a scandal, but they will solve that one as well all of the problems over and over and over again, will be solved.

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