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Obama’s plan to save GM, $30 billion

By Bob L

Obama’s speech that shafts many

Obama made a good speech about how this bankruptcy is a good thing for America, but has any one thought about the loss of credit that is being lost due to loss of foreclosures and jobs. American people just can’t go out and print money when they need it like the government does, if we did we would go to prison, they keep telling us we are spending money we don’t have.

He also said that they were going to buy their cars, now what is that going to do for FORD who did not take any money, some one said that now that the Government would buy cars for their fleet cheaper then ford could bid on, and now that is what is happening, so now that Obama want’s to punish ford, boycott G M, and CHRYSLER, and tell Obama that he has to buy from all three, or none at all.

Where does he think that people today can afford the price of today’s cars now or later.

All I can see is that banks and finance companies are going to profit due to credit reports from the economy of today, and the peoples loss.

All I can see is the same thing that they are all lies,he has not been truthful to the American from day one,for he has flip flopped and can not tell the truth if his life depended on it. He is fallowing in the same steps as Bush, and only helping the rich and him self and family. Continue reading

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White House: General Motors to file for bankruptcy

White House: General Motors to file bankruptcy; Government to take 60 percent ownership stake

Jim Kuhnhenn and Ken Thomas, Associated Press Writers

AP Auto Writers Kimberly S. Johnson and Tom Krisher in Detroit and AP Business Writer Harry Weber in Atlanta contributed to this report.

WASHINGTON (AP) — General Motors, the humbled auto giant that has been part of American life for more than 100 years, will file for bankruptcy protection on Monday in a deal that will give taxpayers a 60 percent ownership stake and expand the government’s reach into big business. Continue reading

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