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Texas Woman Told to Remove ‘Offensive’ American Flag From Office

Here is a story that really makes me say that people that don’t like America, and any thing about it, and the American FLAG should be sent back to where they came from, and that go’s for any one that puts a foreign name in front of America first, because that says that they don’t like America and want the laws changed for them.


Debbie McLucas comes from a patriotic family – her husband and both of her sons served in the U.S. military, and her daughter is currently deployed to Iraq on her second tour of duty as a combat medic.

So when McLucas arrived at work at a Texas hospital last Friday, she was stunned to be told that the Stars and Stripes she had hung in her office in advance of Memorial Day were offensive, and that the flag had been removed. Continue reading

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New ID rules begin June 1

By MANUEL VALDES, Associated Press Writer Sat May 30, 3:23 pm ET

BLAINE, Wash. – New rules requiring passports or new high-tech documents to cross the United States’ northern and southern borders are taking effect Monday, as some rue the tightening of security and others hail it as long overdue.

The rules are being implemented nearly eight years after the Sept. 11 attacks and long after the 9/11 Commission recommended the changes. They were delayed by complaints from state officials who worried the restrictions would hinder the flow of people and commerce and affect border towns dependent on international crossings. Continue reading

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